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Texting 101

Items Sold

Hey, Gorgeous! It’s your favorite beauty girl 😘! FYI, June 23 is National 🎀 Pink Day, 🎀, AND we’re turning this whole weekend PINK!!   I’ve been challenged to sell 60 items to celebrate Pink & meet my Mary Kay goal (June is the final month of our Mary Kay year 😱 🤗 AND this year is Mary Kay’s 60th Anniversary)!!! Just for being part of my goal, when you shop with me between now & Sunday night, June 25, you’re entered to win a FREE year’s supply of mascara from me! + BONUS entries for a skincare set or any pink items (product or packaging) purchased! Would you consider purchasing 1-2 items from me? See the flier below with some of our pink products, but know you can buy ANY Mary Kay products for a chance to win.
You can check out my website, too:  Let me know what you would you like to try with our 100% satisfaction guarantee… TimeWise Repair? Lip gloss? Charcoal Mask? Oil-free eye make up remover? Microdermabrasion Set? With your help, I know I’ll reach my goal! Thanks in advance! 
💗 your beauty girl, __________
P.S. Ask me how you could win $500 cash 💰, too 😱!

Booking an Appointment

Hi Suzy!  I would love to stop by for just 15 minutes to show you ____________ (whatever item you have called her about, skin care, or lipstick, or fragrance, or whatever is new). You’ll be able to try the product on the back of your hand. Would it be better for me to stop over _________ or __________” (offer 2 choices: after work, on your lunch hour, before work, in the evening, Saturday morning)

Turning a Facial Into a Class

(After you have scheduled a time say…) You know, _______, I have a great idea! We have a plan where you can receive your own cosmetics practically as a gift. Would that interest you? (wait for her response to say yes) It’s just as easy for me to give three or four facials at one time, as it is to give one. And I know you’ll be telling your friends about this. Why don’t you invite them over? You’ll earn even more free product for yourself, and you and your friends will have a lot of fun. Either way I want you to know that I am coming for you.

Inviting to an event

Hi _________, this is _____________, do you have a minute? Great! I am very excited about an event that is coming up this Monday. My director has asked me to bring a model for our Skin Care Class. I am looking for someone with (beautiful eyes, red hair, warm smile) and I immediately thought of you! You would have the opportunity to have a facial and makeover, and then give your opinion of what you liked. I would be so honored if you would model for me; you would have a ball. As my thanks you would receive a special gift.
Tell me, is there any reason why you couldn’t be a model for me this Monday; I think you’d be terrific!

Sharing the Opportunity

Use this AFTER you have booked their appointment!

Oh, Suzy, one more thing! 🙋‍♀️ You have an opportunity to earn a gift 💝 from me + an entry to win cash, products & prizes …before you even “arrive” 🤣 to the party Friday/Saturday 🎉! All you need to do is join a live Zoom with us Thursday (or watch a 15-min video) featuring the facts + the fun about what I do from home!

Do you prefer the fun live Zoom (with a chance to start a business for free 😱?) or a fun 15-minute video at your convenience?
(Include the invitation with this text)

(Either make plans for her to zoom or send her the video link:

👋 Hey, Beautiful! Thank you so much for the positive part you’ve played in my business + life! I’ve got a fun request, please. I’d 💗 for you to tell me what you think of our new $30 eStart program in Mary Kay. Here’s a link to 2 fun videos: both of these ladies are mentors to me & both videos are under 18 mins, so just pick one to watch, then complete the quick survey @ the end. Easy Peasy 🤷‍♀️. As a thank you, I’ll put your name in a drawing for a $100 Shopping Spree 🛍 – winner’s choice – Amazon or Mary Kay 💄+ send you a personal 🎁 just for helping me meet my goal 🤗!

Please let me know as soon as you’ve watched & submitted the survey 😚. Here’s the link:

Sharing the Opportunity

Use this anytime

Hey, Suzy Q! 🙋‍♀️🤗 I’m so excited!🎉   I’ve been challenged to share the Pink Possibilities of a MK business with ten women who I think are amazing – women that love life & are difference makers – I’d love for YOU to be one of those women. There’s no obligation to you – just your opinion – & 10 minutes or less watching a positive video & doing a little survey! I’ll treat you to a thank-you gift for your time & your opinion! You’ll help me win an Amazon Gift Card 🛍 AND you’ll go in a drawing for an Amazon Prize Pack that incl an Echo, a Gift Card and a 🔥 Stick! I’d so appreciate your help! Let me know if you can…oh, and here’s the link ⬇️

After she responds, ask her to let you know as soon as she’s watched & “surveyed” or if her answer is no, let her know, girl, I totally understand! I’m having a fun pink selling challenge right now, too, to celebrate all. things. pink.

Here’s my website if you’d like to check it out 😘:

I so appreciate YOU 💗!

Selling New Products

Hi Suzy Q! I’m so excited 🤗! Mary Kay has launched a NEW Fanorama Mascara that will be available for me to order NEXT week 🎉! You are one of my best customers and I wanted to tell you about it FIRST since I’m taking preorders! This mascara features our Lash Love formula with a new brush for fully fanned-out, all-around panoramic lashes! I know you love your Mary Kay Mascara 🎀! How many should I order for you?

⬇️ ⭕️ Then help with order, answer her questions, etc!! After that’s wrapped up, continue your text convo to work FULL CIRCLE ⬇️ ⭕️

Awesome!! And since we have an amazing lash curler that includes a free refill available LIMITED EDITION right now…it pairs perfectly with your Fanorama. It’s only 12. Would you like to add one to your order??

Perfect. Do you need any of our Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover now, too? You’re going to be set up for lashes for DAYS!!!

Awesome. I’ll get that order in for you. I’ll be ordering these on the ___ (10th or 15th, depending on if you were a star last quarter) and packing it up for delivery as soon as it arrives! I’ll include a free gift since you pre ordered!! AND in the meantime, may I pop a {Glam Pack, Pink Love Pack or HydraPack, depending on what they already use or have tried!} in the mail to you or drop off on your porch/lanai/deck for a fun virtual pampering session? My treat!

24 x 24 x 24 Challenge

Hi ____, I hope you are well 😊 I’m reaching out to you because my Mary Kay director has challenged me to sell $24 to 24 people in 24 hours; and I’m asking my friends & family for help reaching this really big goal 😀. Any chance you could be one of my 24?!? When you spend 40 or more, you‘ll receive a Gift 🎁 with Purchase as well for FREE! Need anything, Girl!? Cleanser, Moisturizer, mascara, eyeliner?

Customer Service Checkin

Suzy, are you LOVING your products?
Do you have any questions?
Did you want to go ahead and get the _______ that you loved at your appointment?? Or the _____ that you put on your wish list?? Are you ready for a refill on your mascara…eye makeup remover…cleanser so you don’t run out?