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I’m so excited you’re going to have a virtual Grand Opening!

  1. Watch the short video I’ve attached. 🔽

  1. Pull out that list of amazing women & start inviting all of your “Vs” AND all your “Ls”. Remember, you’re bilingual 😉 & can connect with twice as many people.

Here’s how simple it is to invite all your favorite girlfriends. Invite all the women you know and get as many yeses as possible. 25+ is best. Virtual appointments are amazing, AND more people are more likely to cancel or watch the replay since it’s virtual, so the more committed up front, the better 🤗.

Feel free to copy and paste the following example onto your business social media page, in your Grand Opening FB Group, in PMs, DMs, text messages & emails when inviting guests to your event. Personalize to individuals:

Here’s how to set up a FB Business Page

“Hello, everyone! I’m so excited! I’ve just started my own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! I am having my virtual Grand Opening on Saturday, 7/14 @ 2 p.m., and I would love for you to join my celebration. It’s free and fun! I promise you aren’t obligated to buy anything. Invite a friend, and let’s have some girl time! Plus, there will be surprises and opportunities to win great prizes!”

Share your cute invitation, then keep inviting & encourage your guests to add friends that don’t have an Ind. Mary Kay Beauty Consultant 👯‍♀️.

  1. I’ve included an invitation template – you can customize it or I can help you personalize it – + I’ve included our Growing Your Business with Facebook tips again. Your director/recruiter will be the beauty consultant leading & you’ll be like the hostess! I’ll share our Grand-Opening Agenda with you as we get closer!