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I’m so excited you’re going to have a LIVE Grand Opening!

  1. Watch the short video I’ve attached. 🔽

  1. Pull out that list of amazing women & start inviting all of your “Ls”!

Here’s how simple it is to invite all your favorite girlfriends. A phone call is best. Invite 50+ so you’ll have 10+ in attendance 🤗. Then keep inviting & encourage your guests to bring friends 👯‍♀️:

“Hi, Anna! I’m having an event in a couple of weeks to celebrate starting my new Mary Kay business! I would love for you to come and hear all about it. It’ll be so much fun! We’ll have refreshments and chances to win prizes! It would mean a lot to have you there supporting me. Can I count you in?”

*If you leave a message, follow up with a text immediately:

“Hey, Anna! It’s ______ – I just left you a fun message. Please let me know as soon as you listen!” Attach your cute invitation.

  1. I’ve included an invitation template – you can customize it or I can help you personalize it – + a “day of” checklist. I’ll share our Grand-Opening Agenda with you as we get closer!