Do you want to have a POSTING ONLY 3-day FB party group?
This is a POST-ONLY PARTY TEMPLATE (posts only, no samples, easy peasy, great results), 3 DAYS OF ONLY POSTS – 43 posts in all
1-directors who want to do **a post-only party** for new consultant debuts and **a post-only party** for seasoned consultants to relaunch their business — AS A LAUNCH PARTY WITH POSTS ONLY
2-New consultants and seasoned consultants who want to have an easy way to get started — they can simply “copy and paste” THEIR LAUNCH PARTY POSTS (which their director did for them) to use for NEW BOOKINGS WITH HOSTESSES (yes, it’s the exact same party)
3-anyone who wants to grab all the posts and pictures (down in the comments) to set up their own FB party, but are not yet confident in how to send out samples and do Lives and all that other stuff that scares new people
📌📌Fast and easy way to copy these photos and posts into your Group: Watch my short video here: http://vid.us/mbf4ak
(I personally want to thank Moleda Dailey for allowing me to take her master, and then edit the posts in a way that she could keep using the master that’s been working for her and her MK family)
🌸🌸This new PMP template has been customized for our Training Group here: https://app.postmyparty.com/MemberCenter/ShareTemplate…
🌸🌸CinchShare template: https://cnch.us/ypnc63 …thank you to Tanya Cerna Beach
🌷🌷Vizzlie Templates: US – ECSNWWF thanks to Elizabeth Brisco Owens