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In each video the woman featured shares her quick story and the MK “marketing” plan!   So inspiring!  After you watch, please fill out the survey at the bottom of the page to give me your opinion of MK’s “marketing” plan!  Mary Kay may or may not be something for you…you’ll never know if you don’t learn the facts :-)!  Even if it’s not for you, you might know someone who’d be good doing what I do!  Just be sure to include your lip color choice at the end of the comments/questions section.  After you complete the Opinion Poll, I’ll treat you to a FREE lip gloss (or lipstick) of YOUR choice…AND I’ll put you in our monthly drawing to have the chance to win Mary Kay product! Thank you so much for helping me with my challenge!  

Here are the “4 Generations of Mary Kay” video links. I asked you to choose from one to watch one & tell me what you think!  The 4 generations represent four women of all shapes, sizes, educations & backgrounds…and all AGES…from ONE Mary Kay “family”!!!  Pick the one that interests you most!  You only need to watch one to give me your opinion, get the FREE LIP GLOSS!  (of course, you can watch as many as you’d like – we’re all pretty cool :-))!  You’ve got your choice of stories: 


1)  Phyllis Sammons

 a “50 something” National Sales Director that had a college education and was a “corporate woman” with a husband and two kids when she started her part-time MK business 20+ years ago.  She just started for some “shoe money”, and has earned an executive income for almost 20 years.

2) Jeanie Tamborello

 Me, Jeanie Tamborello, a “40 something” National Sales Director, the world’s shyest Realtor, working 70 plus hours a week at my full-time career when I began my part-time MK business 17 years ago.  I’ve been married almost 30 years.  Time and money would have held me back if I’d stopped to think about it more….I’m so glad I didn’t!!  We love living at the beach and traveling the world!

3) Jessica Holzbach

an “almost 30” Executive Sr. Sales Director, was a teacher, newly married with no kids when she began her part-time MK business 5 years ago.  Today she has two baby girls that have both come home in Pink Cadillacs!  Jessica wanted to earn an executive income and achieve a top position, and earn a Pink Cadillac in her first year in her new business…and she DID!