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Business Management

In this video there were 2 thoughts I started & didn’t finish:

1. ❤️ As a top consultant and director I grew my profit-level+ inventory and kept my inventory at a large level that supported my large customer base AND the gave me the opportunity to do extra activity like 10-party weeks or a 20/20 face goal – sometimes I kept as much as 10,000-15,000 on hand of regular-line product to support a large customer base and large activity. The initial profit level amount suggested of 3000 is for a small, profit level business & customer base. You may keep your business smaller & hold a perfect start+ & provide regular customer service, or you may grow it to power start+ and regular customer service for a larger customer base 👸.

2. 💴 You can take care of your monthly profit goal for your family’s needs and dreams & regular business expenses, like Career Conference, Seminar, Fall Retreat, booths, etc. from your SALES, then as a director prizes, meeting supplies, etc. You can set your goals accordingly. AND your commission income is extra on top of that just for your family! As a consultant, it’s extra, like paying down the principal on your mortgage, paying off debt, saving for your husband’s dream pickup truck, a bucket-list vacay and yes, if you’re not at profit level, it can grow your profit-level inventory – and as a director, it will provide for oodles of needs & dreams for your family. Because you sell first & foremost & take care of everything from that, that big extra available income from your commission check – it can totally change your family’s entire financial future and everything that goes along with that! 🌈

1 thought I totally forgot to talk about:

👊 Use the FREE product bonuses as a new consultant from your sales/orders and your team building to take 100% from the sale of the FREE product to pay OFF your initial investment even before you reach the end of your first year in business. For example, using the Money Management Plan in your New Consultant Orientation Packet, you can make a monthly payment on your invest from your sales AND add extra payments every time you sell something from your free bonus products – if you start with 3000 in inventory and get 2000-3000+ in free bonus products, BAM, you’re at profit level, your investment is paid off and you can now roll around in all that profit 😂!!!